Tilt is your Ultimate Tailgating Gear

Use Tilt to collect money from friends for an EPIC tailgate! Picture this: you’re setting up a tailgate and laying out your carefully catered spread of meats. You’ve set up the chairs, fired up the grill, and are about to open a beer when you realize—you’ve forgotten a bottle opener. The ultimate rookie move. To […]

3 Must Try Beers

whats in your cooler Sept 2014

  Remember that scene in The Great Outdoors when Roman says: “Why do Chet’s kids look at him like he’s Zeus and my kids look at me like I’m a rack of lawn tools at Sears?”     Is that how you feel when you’re picking out beers? Are your choices about as exciting as, […]

Are You a Thrifty Tailgater?

Thrifty Tailgaters

Can you believe that football season is almost here? I sure can’t! Have you started thinking about all the tailgating gear you’ve got to buy? Napkins, sodas, paper plates, plastic forks and spoons, garbage bags, portable chairs and tables… It’s the little things that add up. Or, that’s been my experience–especially for away games.  Well, why […]

Great Adventures in #okstate Tailgating History


Republished by permission. Visit Sean’s hilarious blog at http://seanpharkin.wordpress.com/

#okstate Tailgate Tips, Homecoming Edition


Editor’s note: Have you read Seanpharkin’s blog? Well, you should. Today he educates us about tailgating at America’s GREATEST M*&*@@#&*&# Homecoming Celebration. (emphasis mine).  In honor of America’s Greatest Homecoming Celebration, I thought I’d provide a few quick, easy tailgating tips for Saturday.  You know, since four years of tailgating absolutely makes me an expert on […]

The Southern Hospitality of Hawaiian Aloha


Editor’s Note: Aloha, ya’ll! We’re thrilled to welcome contributing writer V.L. Batten to the Tailgate Traveler team. She brings us a unique perspective on food and tailgating–a perspective that blends both Hawaiian and Southern cuisines. In this post, Batten introduces us to the commonalities Hawaiian and Southern food share. Throughout the football season, she will […]

Travel posts…Coming Soon!


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On the Virtues of B-Y-O-W (Bring-Your-Own-Wine)


Each gameday Saturday, I imagine that Dionysus, god of wine—and, a-hem, other unmentionable things—peers down from the heavens and secretly wishes he could attend a tailgate like mine. Why? Because my tailgate heartily welcomes any tailgater who prefers to B-Y-O-W: Bring Your Own Wine. That’s right. If you’re the wine-loving type who just wants to […]