How to Host a Beer & Cheese Tasting at Your Tailgate


Want to host a tasting party at your tailgate? Just think of all the details you’ve already got covered. Guest list? Check. Supplies? Got it. Food and drinks? Done. Kind of. While there’s nothing wrong with the usual burgers and BBQ (trust me, I eat plenty of both), try sprucing up your tailgate by offering […]

Easy Recipes: Tailgating and Tapas


¡Olé! Who doesn’t enjoy a tailgating menu that’s easy to put together? There’s nothing easier than tapas, or “appetizers” in Spanish. Last season,  I put my own spin on tapas.  Here’s my menu–with recipes. Sure, the recipes I chose aren’t exactly Spanish, but who cares? They are good. Buen provecho. The Menu Cajun corn salsa […]