What’s in Your Cooler? 2013 Edition

  Welcome back to the new season of our beer series, “What’s in Your Cooler?”  Last year Sam Adams seemed to make an appearance in our cooler. There were other beers, of course. But ole Sam was our man. This season we’ll pit old-time domestic favorites against fancy imported beers. Today’s contestants? Coors Banquet Beer […]

5 Oktoberfest Beers You’ve Gotta Try


Celebrate Munich’s racous beer festival, Oktoberfest, at your tailgate with this season’s “must try” beers. Emily and I have tasted and rated five beers that should appear in your cooler on gameday. We’ve reviewed the beers based on their color, taste, smell, and overall appeal. Here’s how our rating system works: ************************************************************************* 5 beers.  What […]