How to Host a Beer & Cheese Tasting at Your Tailgate


Want to host a tasting party at your tailgate? Just think of all the details you’ve already got covered. Guest list? Check. Supplies? Got it. Food and drinks? Done. Kind of. While there’s nothing wrong with the usual burgers and BBQ (trust me, I eat plenty of both), try sprucing up your tailgate by offering […]

6 Oklahoma Beers That’ll Make You Say Ale Yeah


If there’s one thing we like about tailgating, it’s the beer. We’ve written about beer a lot over the last couple of years in our What’s in Your Cooler series, but today we’re going local. Oklahoma, our home state, is probably best known for tornadoes, beauty queens, and football. Over the last decade or so, […]

3 Must Try Beers

whats in your cooler Sept 2014

  Remember that scene in The Great Outdoors when Roman says: “Why do Chet’s kids look at him like he’s Zeus and my kids look at me like I’m a rack of lawn tools at Sears?”     Is that how you feel when you’re picking out beers? Are your choices about as exciting as, […]

Old Favorites: RedHook


In this series, Old Favorites, we’re going to feature beers that maybe you drank a long time ago and haven’t thought about it awhile. We’ll revisit some old friends. People from Seattle seem to love RedHook beer. (At least, that’s what we’ve heard). Today, we’re dusting off an old favorite and putting it in our cooler. RedHook […]

Ommegang! What’s in Your Cooler?


“Fill with mingled cream and amber, I will drain that glass again. Such hilarious visions clamber through the chambers of my brain. Quaintest thoughts, queerest fancies, come to life and fade away. What care I how time advances? I am drinking ale today.” – Edgar Allan Poe Do you think Edgar Allan Poe and these […]

What’s In Your Cooler?


Welcome to our new gameday series: “What’s In Your Cooler?” The aim is simple. We share what’s in our cooler; you share what’s in yours. Fun, huh? Let’s take a look at what made Saturday’s list. (Hint: beer, beer, and more beer) Sierra Nevada Hefeweizen Great Divide Rasberry Ale Redd’s Apple Ale Spaten Lager Birra […]

Easy Recipes: Tailgating and Tapas


¡Olé! Who doesn’t enjoy a tailgating menu that’s easy to put together? There’s nothing easier than tapas, or “appetizers” in Spanish. Last season,  I put my own spin on tapas.  Here’s my menu–with recipes. Sure, the recipes I chose aren’t exactly Spanish, but who cares? They are good. Buen provecho. The Menu Cajun corn salsa […]

10 Dreamy Tailgating Accessories


  As college football season nears, I find myself daydreaming about the perfect tailgate. The wine is chilled, the beer stays ice cold for hours, and the tent chandelier sets an elegant scene. Perhaps your ideal tailgate entails unlimited brews and a Weber Ranch Kettle grill. That’s wonderful. I should add those into my dream […]

The Perfect Chili?


“Chili is not so much food as a state of mind. Addictions to it are formed early in life and the victims never recover. On blue days in October, I get this passionate yearning for a bowl of chili, and I nearly lose my mind,” said writer Margaret Cousins. I cannot say that the chili I […]

Homebrew for the Homecoming Game Part 1


Every fall thousands of students, alumni, friends, and family gather to celebrate their university’s homecoming game. While there are usually many festivities to enjoy during the homecoming weekend, perhaps the one event numerous people look forward to is the pull-out-all-the-stops tailgating. It’s the time of the football season to go out of your way to […]