The Southern Hospitality of Hawaiian Aloha


Editor’s Note: Aloha, ya’ll! We’re thrilled to welcome contributing writer V.L. Batten to the Tailgate Traveler team. She brings us a unique perspective on food and tailgating–a perspective that blends both Hawaiian and Southern cuisines. In this post, Batten introduces us to the commonalities Hawaiian and Southern food share. Throughout the football season, she will […]

Fire. Meat. Grill.


Are you ready to get your grill on? With only a few days left before gameday, it’s time to start thinking about important matters: how are you gonna grill this season? Are you going to grill the old school way (or, as many people might claim, the real way) with charcoal and fire? Or, do […]

Let’s Share a Hamburger and Be Friends


“Food is our common ground, a universal experience,” said the late food writer James Beard. We all have to eat—friends and foes alike. If you want to bring enemies together, then share a meal. Better yet? Invite your enemies to your tailgate. Nothing says “peace offering” like a hamburger and a cold beer on a […]