• beer-and-cheese-tasting

    How to Host a Beer & Cheese Tasting at Your Tailgate

    Friday, September 23, 2016

    Want to host a tasting party at your tailgate? Just think of all the details you’ve already got covered. Guest list? Check. Supplies? Got it. Food and drinks? Done. Kind of. While there’s nothing wrong with the usual burgers and BBQ (trust me, I eat plenty of both), try sprucing up your tailgate by offering […]

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  • bellini

    How to Add Sparkle to Your Morning Tailgate with Prosecco Cocktails

    Friday, September 9, 2016

    I’m not a morning person. And morning game day tailgates are, let’s be honest, kind of the worst. If there’s anything that’ll erase my early game day blues, though, it’s a sparkling wine cocktail. Sparkling wine is crisp and cheery and pairs well with a number of fruit juices and liquors. It’s the perfect fizzy […]

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  • F5-PNG

    6 Oklahoma Beers That’ll Make You Say Ale Yeah

    Friday, September 2, 2016

    If there’s one thing we like about tailgating, it’s the beer. We’ve written about beer a lot over the last couple of years in our What’s in Your Cooler series, but today we’re going local. Oklahoma, our home state, is probably best known for tornadoes, beauty queens, and football. Over the last decade or so, […]

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  • SpamJam-creative-comm

    Serving up Spam…Hawaiian Style

    Wednesday, November 9, 2011

    Ice Cube once rapped that the status quo was not going to “have me broke eatin’ Spam and canned goods.”  His words, while somewhat prophetic, do not consider those who think differently.  There are those with money who have savored Spam for years.  More importantly, Spam helps those families struggling to put food on the […]

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  • fire-dancer

    The Southern Hospitality of Hawaiian Aloha

    Thursday, September 8, 2011

    Editor’s Note: Aloha, ya’ll! We’re thrilled to welcome contributing writer V.L. Batten to the Tailgate Traveler team. She brings us a unique perspective on food and tailgating–a perspective that blends both Hawaiian and Southern cuisines. In this post, Batten introduces us to the commonalities Hawaiian and Southern food share. Throughout the football season, she will […]

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  • bourbon-rickey

    Bourbon Rickey You’re So Fine

    Friday, October 7, 2016

    Drop that cinnamon-maple-apple-honey-or-whatever-the-trend-is whiskey cocktail right now. Go classic. Simple. Effortless. Drink a Bourbon Rickey. The original Rickey. Circa 1895 from “Colonel” (he was really a lobbyist in DC) Joe (though some say Jim) Rickey.  Picture from A Jigger of  Blog   Bourbon Rickey Heed the Colonel’s advice and “Don’t drink too many.”  2 ounces of […]

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  • airstream2

    10 Essential Products for the Ultimate Glamourgate

    Friday, September 30, 2016

    It’s Friday afternoon. Your mind races with your tailgating to-do lists. You know that this Saturday is going to be your day. You’ll own the other tailgaters. Look at your YETI. Look at your Primo grill. And that pesky tailgate next to yours? You know the one. The one with those type people. The one […]

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  • fathers-p

    These 8 Surprisingly Delicious Hard Sodas Will Actually Get You Buzzed

    Friday, September 16, 2016

    Have hard sodas invaded your cooler yet? Toss your hoppy IPA to the side, friend, and savor cream soda with a kick, hard root beer that’ll knock you on your ass if you’re not careful, and ginger ale you only wish your momma would’ve handed you when you pulled a Ferris Bueller that one time. […]

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Taste & Imbibe


Orange Shandy vs. Ruby Redbird

Our experience with summer Shandys in the past has been hit and miss. Some Shandys taste alright; others are downright gross. It’s tough to balance out the lemon flavoring with the brew–no one wants to taste something overly “lemony” or artificial. This week in What’s in Your Cooler, we wanted to gather your opinions about fruit-flavored […]

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What’s in Your Cooler? 2013 Edition

  Welcome back to the new season of our beer series, “What’s in Your Cooler?”  Last year Sam Adams seemed to make an appearance in our cooler. There were other beers, of course. But ole Sam was our man. This season we’ll pit old-time domestic favorites against fancy imported beers. Today’s contestants? Coors Banquet Beer […]

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