Bourbon Rickey You’re So Fine


Drop that cinnamon-maple-apple-honey-or-whatever-the-trend-is whiskey cocktail right now. Go classic. Simple. Effortless. Drink a Bourbon Rickey. The original Rickey. Circa 1895 from “Colonel” (he was really a lobbyist in DC) Joe (though some say Jim) Rickey.  Picture from A Jigger of  Blog   Bourbon Rickey Heed the Colonel’s advice and “Don’t drink too many.”  2 ounces of […]

How to Add Sparkle to Your Morning Tailgate with Prosecco Cocktails


I’m not a morning person. And morning game day tailgates are, let’s be honest, kind of the worst. If there’s anything that’ll erase my early game day blues, though, it’s a sparkling wine cocktail. Sparkling wine is crisp and cheery and pairs well with a number of fruit juices and liquors. It’s the perfect fizzy […]

Cranberry Orange Chocolate Scones

homemade scones

I’m fiercely loyal to baking recipes I can trust. When I found the “best ever scones” recipe from Southern Living a few years ago, I knew I’d discovered something special. It has become my go-to scone recipe. I mistakenly thought homemade scones would be too hard to make, but they are not. I have baked […]

Easy Recipes: Tailgating and Tapas


¡Olé! Who doesn’t enjoy a tailgating menu that’s easy to put together? There’s nothing easier than tapas, or “appetizers” in Spanish. Last season,  I put my own spin on tapas.  Here’s my menu–with recipes. Sure, the recipes I chose aren’t exactly Spanish, but who cares? They are good. Buen provecho. The Menu Cajun corn salsa […]

Marinated Chickpea Salad


Even though tailgating menus usually include their share of debauchery and fatty foods, sometimes it’s nice to add a little somethin’ healthy to your menu. Check out’s recipe for Marinated Chickpea Salad.

Limonjello Shots


If you’re looking for a fresh take on classic “jello shots,” check out Bakers Royale recipe for lemon jello shots. Basically, you use the lemon wedge as the shot “glass.” It’s pretty and awesome. Here’s the recipe.  

Suan’s Scotch Bonnet Pepper Jelly


Ingredients Good goat cheese Suan’s Scotch Bonnet Pepper Jelly Good bread Directions Simply take knife and spread goat cheese and the pepper jelly on a piece of bread. I love a no-brainer “recipe.” Seriously, can you call this a recipe? Maybe not. Oh, well.