In 2010 my husband, Matt, had an idea that would change our lives. It was the perfect day for a big idea: the sun was shining, the Oklahoma sky was clear, and anything was possible. We were driving back to Stillwater from Oklahoma City that afternoon, when Matt looked at me and said: “I had the weirdest dream last night. I dreamed that we started a travel website called, The Traveling Times.”
Immediately, I started thinking about all the possibilities. “We need a specific niche, “ I replied. “One that readers haven’t seen before.”

The next part of our story has two versions. If you ask me, I’ll tell you Matt mentioned that we should cover tailgating at college football games.

I’m convinced I said, “I’ve got it! The Tailgate Traveler. That’s the name.” I am a fan of alliteration, after all. It was a catchy name. 

Now, if you ask Matt the same question, he’ll say that he came up with the name. Regardless of who named our website, it was a website that we wanted to develop.

See ya on gameday.

Happy Tailgating,

Matt & Emily