10 Essential Products for the Ultimate Glamourgate

It’s Friday afternoon. Your mind races with your tailgating to-do lists. You know that this Saturday is going to be your day. You’ll own the other tailgaters. Look at your YETI. Look at your Primo grill. And that pesky tailgate next to yours? You know the one. The one with those type people. The one practically holds up a bullhorn to boast about having the best food, the best beer, the best everything.

But today you’re number one. You’ve got style. Luxury. Glamour. Dare I say it? You don’t just tailgate. You glamourgate.

You’ve got some secrets to share, don’t you? A list of essential gear that sets you apart from the rest. And you’ll share this list right now…


1.  Airstream Classic Travel Trailer


Travel to away games in a custom designed Airstream Classic Travel Trailer. Think: leather seating, solid-wood cabinetry, granite counter tops, a glass of Cristal.  (starting at $135,600)


2.  YETI Hopper Flip 12


Sling the YETI Hopper Flip 12 around your shoulders and bring your brews with you. It’s kind of like the fanciest lunchbox you’ll ever own.  ($279.99)


3.  Primo Jack Daniel’s Edition Oval XL 400


Like Primo says, “oval beats round every time.” ($1530)


4.  Pico Arm Chair 


The Pico Arm Chair folds up into the size of a laptop bag. Easy to carry, durable, nice looking. Why not? ($120)


5.  Samsung 32″ flat screen


Because you’ve gotta have a flat screen… (starting at $159.99)


6.  Kate Spade Patio Plates


Ditch the paper plates and invest in these melamine beauties. (currently on sale on KateSpade.com for $11 each)


7.  Riedel Swirl


Swirl your Screaming Eagle 2012 Cab. Because you can. ($24 for set of 2. The Screaming Eagle Cab will set you back around $12,000-$18,000)


8.  Riedel Ouverture Pilsner Glass


Throw out those red cups for a Riedel Ouverture Pilsner glass. ($24 for set of 2)


9.  YETI Rambler 20 oz. 


Here’s a YETI you can buy today. ($29.99)


10.  Quay Sunglasses


Because you can’t say glamourgate without a good cat eye. ($50)



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